Why I Teach Music: Changing minds and hearts.

Last weekend’s studio recital video footage didn’t work out. I wasn’t able to watch those clips at individual lessons this week with the kids as I intended to (and told them I’d do). Earlier this week I explained this to one of my 11-year-old students. She’s a transfer student and this was our second recital together.

The young lady was visibly/audibly bummed about the video malfunction. “Oh nooooo!”
I was intrigued. “Huh. Are you upset that you don’t get to watch yourself play, on video?”
“So…remember our first recital? And how I asked you to watch the video with me afterwards?”
“Do you remember if you wanted to watch yourself play?”
“….I didn’t want to.” and she grinned.

We then talked about ‘messing up.’

“I messed up!”
“Did you see your friends mess up?”
“Do you think they did a good job with their performances, though?”
“So there you go. It’s the same all around.*”
Another grin.


* …because they DID do a good job with their performances^. I don’t lie to these kids to make them feel better. They can tell if I lie, it’s not worth it.

^Oh I wish I had that video footage!