We celebrated Halloween last night with our first ever Spooky Concert! Four players took on songs they selected and learned them in minor keys over the past month in preparation for this performance. We heard song selections starting with Twinkle Twinkle and going all the way through to spooky Short Story. This period of recital preparation is more condensed; each player worked very hard to bring their spooky songs to performance level. They all did a great job! Special mentions: the Spooky Concert marked Nora’s first recital and she performed beautifully with great stage presence. Also, Josephine and Mom Katherine, a former family who moved away, made the trek to our studio during Friday rush hour traffic to play a duet for us.

We had costumes, Halloween themed snacks and all the parents got to connect while the girls spent unstructured time with each other. We had a blast! Happy Halloween!

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