Suzuki Babies: Early Childhood Education

COVID-19 Changes

All lessons and group classes will stay on Zoom until further notice, including Suzuki Babies classes. For babies and toddlers, a major component of the value of our class – learning with peers while immersed in music  – is lost on video conferencing tools. However, keeping the class going online provides a routine of weekly music classes for little ones already enrolled in this program.  It is also an opportunity for the community of Suzuki families with young children to stay connected during these difficult times as we share music together.

In an effort to support our Suzuki families, tuition for Suzuki Babies is officially waived while Zoom classes continue. Donations are always appreciated!

Suzuki Babies: Early Childhood Education

Class Format
* Weekly music and movement classes for up to 12 families
* For babies and toddlers 0-3.5 years (42 months) plus one adult for each child
* Participation is required for the adult; model for your baby!

Expected Time Commitment
* Weekly, 1-hour classes
* Daily listening of the songs at home

* Friday mornings 9:30 – 10:30am
* [Classes are held on Zoom during social distancing] Location: West Medford Community Center: 111 Arlington St., Medford
* Plenty of street parking is available
* Classes dates (2020):
Fall (Sep – Dec): Weekly, unless otherwise noted on our studio calendar