Suzuki Piano at Metro Gnome Studio

COVID-19 Updates for 2022

Effective 2/16/22, the Town of Arlington lifted all in-door mask mandates. Many businesses are still choosing Masks Optional.

Metro Gnome lessons and group classes will be held in person. Masks are now optional for each family, however I/my family will remain masked during lessons. Families may continue to choose for private lessons to be conducted over Zoom to minimize risk if preferred. For all Group Classes, please continue to wear masks.

I will continue to follow and observe CDC/MA State/Town of Arlington recommendations closely and will communicate any changes to this plan to keep our studio community as safe as possible.

Suzuki Piano Program

Our piano program includes three components: Private lessons, Group Classes, and Play Time classes.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are weekly individual, personalized lesson time between the student, teacher and parent.

Group Classes
Group classes are led by the instructor. During class, we focus on playing Suzuki repertoire with all budding pianists in the studio. Group class provides peer interaction/encouragement, strengthens musical concepts and sharpens musicianship. They are part of the complete Suzuki curriculum. Classes are scheduled on Friday evenings. They may be all ages or assigned by Suzuki book levels depending on semester enrollment.

Play Time Classes
Play Time classes are exploratory time for students to pursue constructive and collaborative learning. These hour-long classes are inspired by the maker cultureconstructionism, peer-to-peer learning and project-based learning. The instructor is present to guide, suggest activities and explain concepts. Class time is self-directed by the student and/or parent. Activities include musical games, puzzles, duet & solo playing, experimentation with sounds and composing. Play Time is open to all students in the studio and families are welcome to stay as long or short as they’d like to during the hour. Play Time classes are scheduled monthly on specific Fridays when Group Classes are not taking place.

Expected Time Commitment
* Weekly Lessons:  30min, 45min or 60min
* Friday Group Class & Play Time: Total 2-3 Fridays per month.
Minimum of three recitals per academic year, typically Friday Group time or Saturday mornings/early afternoons
* Daily practice!

Contact us if you have more questions about our piano program!