Suzuki Piano: Getting Started

COVID-19 Updates for 2024

Metro Gnome lessons and group classes will be held in person. Masks are now optional for each family. Families may continue to choose for private lessons to be conducted over Zoom when feeling under the weather to minimize risk if preferred. 

I will continue to follow and observe CDC/MA State/Town of Arlington recommendations and will communicate any changes to this plan to keep our studio community as safe as possible.

Interested in joining our piano program?

The Suzuki Method is a long-term commitment. Metro Gnome Studio has created these preliminary steps to prepare families for this approach to music education. Completing these steps is required before beginning Suzuki lessons with us, however, you can discontinue this preliminary process at any time.

STEP 1: Studio Availability and Your Family’s Schedule

First, confirm that your family’s schedule has some availability during these times:

* Lessons are scheduled between 3:00pm – 7pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
* Group classes are on Fridays. Level 1 5:30 – 6:15pm or Level 2 6:00 – 6:45pm
* Friday evenings before Saturday recitals: Rehearsal 6 – 7pm

Once you have your availability, get in touch to see if we have an opening during those times. If we have a match for a lesson time, that time is held for you as your family begins the next steps.

STEP 2: Observations Period (for child + caregiver)

Families are required to observe a minimum of four (4) lessons, one lesson per week. Observations are free to all potential new families.

* The family gets time to watch me teach over the course of at least a month.
* The child will see for themselves what lessons are like with me.
* Caregivers can see how I work with different families before they decide whether I am the right fit for their family.
* Families can experiment with the added routine of traveling to/from our studio
* Families can collect questions for the consultation time (more below). The answers will help prepare them for a successful start to being a Suzuki family

Observations can go on longer than four weeks. During this time, I check in regularly with the family to see how the child is responding to observing lessons. I may recommend more observations if a child seems to want more time to decide.

STEP 3: Introduction to the Suzuki Method: One-on-one consultation for caregiver(s)

$60 per family. This one-hour consultation includes:

* The Suzuki Method (history, philosophy, core concepts, approach, application)
* Tips and tools for getting started
* What to expect for a Suzuki family
* Questions and answers from observation period
* Any other questions from your family regarding your music education journey

This consultation is recommended for the primary Suzuki parent, and any other caregiver who regularly practices with the student. It is scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

Ready to begin lessons!

If your family is excited about joining Metro Gnome Studio after completing observations and introductory consultation, we are ready to begin! We would start lessons on the previously held time block. Tuition is prorated if needed.

Waiting List

If requested, families are added to a waiting list. Open lesson times are offered to families in the order that they contact me. Since family schedules vary, an open lesson time has the potential to be a match for any family on our list. We look forward to the possibility of working with you and your budding musician!

Contact us if you have more questions about our piano program: